The Loire Castles (Part 2)

I had to complete my part on the Chinonceau trip. Well, the cycling was the best part of the journey. It was a little over 12 km, and we stopped many times on the road to enjoy the beautiful scenery. A part of the journey overlaps with the highway, but if you keep to the road sides it is pretty safe to cycle down.
There is along stretch covered with trees on both sides, and at this time of the year, there were dried maple leaves (The perfect sign of nostalgia) all over the road which rendered a delightful sight.
We had packed some bread, spreads and chips for lunch – what we had forgotten was water! And don’t you do that. On the way there was a hostel where we begged an old lady to give us some water, and she not only brought us drinking water, but gave us a bottle to carry along and offered us snacks as well. I had heard that the countryside people were very helpful, and there was a perfect example right before me.
We reached Chinonceau in 2 hrs. You can do that in one if you dont stop, but we had gone for the journey and not the destination so were in no rush. The castle was hidden from the view, and though we had decided not to pay to get in, since we couldn’t get any view, we had to pay…the sad part was, after getting in, we realized that we could have taken the cycles to the opposite side of the river and got a much better view of the castle – without paying! Anyways, the gardens are pretty and the castle from inside is similiar to all palaces. There is a nice history to the Chinonceau castle, which I cannot do justice to, but you must read it up (May be you can try
Well after seeing the castle, we did the only thing that we had time for – Rush back! Our rental was supposed to close at 6! and we had to catch a train at 7 to Paris.
so in all – that was the weekend trip. A short and sweet one. This weekend we are going to Paris Eurodisney. We might go for a day trip to Alps as well but that will depend on the time we have..besides I also have to write about Nice & Monaco, and the Lyon and Paris tours…


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