Honeymooning in Maldives


A perfect honeymoon by the sea 

Recently, when I asked someone his experience of visiting the Akshardham, he said it was like a poem – You can read and enjoy it, but cannot express views on it.

My five days stay in Maldives can be pretty much summed with the same words, and perhaps that is why I did not venture to write anything on it. But after a month of being back, I think I want to jot down the experience so that I know how it felt when I want to bring it alive later.

Those were five lovely days. Of course they were ecsconced in the sweetness of a new marriage and the joy and hope of beginning a new life together, but Maldives with its crystal clear water and charming air provided the perfect backdrop for the occassion.

Maldives is a set of very small islands, Male’ being the largest and thus the capital. A lot of these islands spwan over 3-4 acres and are a great setting for island resorts. And that’s what Maldives is – a set of island resort. You begin to feel the festive air at the airport itself, which seems geared to welcome its tourists. Lined with water on both sides, it also is a presgae of the experience to come. The Maldivians have made it easy for people to land there – visa on arrival and a very easy emmigration. Before you know, you are out to smell the sea breeze.

All resorts maintain their fleet of steamers to take you to your resort. We were visiting the island Thulhagiri. A beautiful island of about 3 acres. The island is lined up with a row of water bungalows (standing over water with silts) and beach houses (cottages with private beaches right outside the room). It has a large lovely bar overlooking the swimming pool and the sea. (Of course on a small island, everything has to look out to the sea!). The island also offers a lot of water sports like kayaking, diving, sailing and has a diving school as well. However these activities were rather expensive, especially if you have easy access to Goa/Lakshadweep, which offer you similiar things at less than half the price.

The five days that we spent on the island went in a sweep – we took walks by the beach, we spent a lot of the time in the swimming pool, sometimes swimming but mostly just lazying in the cool water. Most of the time, however, we spent reading on the beach. It was the idyllic holiday with a heady concoction of wine, lovely breeze, the enchanting presence of the sea, books and love. And a sense of timelessness.

Of course sometimes we did track time – the meal times. Food was a delight, even for a vegetarian like me, though in 5 days I began to tire a bit of even my all-time favorite menu: steamed vegetables, the assortments of bread rolls, the pastas and the fruits/desserts. With a dining table right on the terrace, right near the sea, we couldn’t have asked for much more. Sometimes when the guilt of having such a good time tried to catch up with us, we went to the gym to sweat it out and in 30 minutes, we would successfully ready to be lazy again.

I don’t know what else can I speak about the 5 days in Maldives. They were just endless days. The most beautiful part of these days was taking breezy walks on the wharf in the night. Or perhaps quietly watching the sun set in the evening, painting the sky with a lovely and unconventional pallette. Or may be that sleep of contentment. I guess I can never pick!


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Good to read about it. Am considering replicating parts of it. The dive spots are some of the best Ek baat bata, what should the rough budget be for a week or so in Maldives?

  2. Madhuri says:

    Oh yes – it was fun for sure.
    If you go to an island resort, the cost will be about 1.2-1.3 lakh for a couple. about 30 k higher if you take the water bungalows (those stilted houses in water). Not sure what the costs will be if you go to Male and island hop – lower I assume since islands are quite costly.

  3. Ramesh Natarajan says:


    Nice to read about your wonderful travel experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    Ramesh Natarajan, Dubai
    Global Indian

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