Hills come alive

Hills come alive under the cheerful hand of rain like nothing else – at those time, you just wish you could spend days at end feeling the breeze and staring at the lovely landscape.

Matheran hills

On a third visit to Matheran, we saw a different picture of it. For the first time without the veil of heavy rain – only through a pale cover of small drizzle. A lonely hill looking out to the valley and a meandering lake, a gush of air keeping the falling water afloat as mist and friends just sitting there. And feeling so happy. Its hard not to be poetic about such a place. It is hard not to want to return to the moment.

The Valley view

Yes, we saw a lot of famous ‘points’ of Matheran – but we didn’t visit them. We simply embarked upon them in the course of our walk around the place. There was a lot to look at that had been hidden before – rusting, creaking old houses ready to fall at the slightest hint, breezy meadows, valleys clouded in mist, small peaks trying to sneak up through the clouds . And clearings not visited perhaps for years, reeking, rotting and decaying away. And a forgotten track

A forgotten track

And the walk back to Neral.

The walk back

Yes – Matheran is a lovely place.


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