Penned down these thoughts on my phone when I was in a small cozy room of ‘The Fort’ resort at Nagarkot…

Lang Tang, as seen from Nagarkot

From the comforts of a palace, we have come to the charms of a fort. A fort which stands unadorned and without fanfare, alone amongst the lovely himalyas. In this brazenly chilly place, we have come accross only about ten people. Our room is like a small attic, cozy and warm. There are windows on both sides, placing us completely in the hands of the hills to whom we have come. The moon shines brightly, perhaps it would have defeated the sun today in its shine. May be that’s why today the sun dissolved quickly into the clouds in stead of taking its usual long route.
The place is called Nagarkot. It stands many feets above Kathmandu, though only 40 km by road and is a completely different world from that slightly muddled city. It is the Nepal I wanted to visit- hilly, windy, a little harsh even. It is supposed to offer a peek of the everest on a clear day, but today the clouds stood fast guarding their treasure. We went to the tower that claims the peek and marks the geological date line of nepal, and despite the clouds the view was majestic. From there, one km down a winding route, there is a lovely coffee shop, which offers an unarmed view of the hills and the valley. It is a place you would hate to abandon.
I am so happy to be here and can’t wait to greet the sunrise of tomorrow from the window of my room.

Well, in the morning, we did see the sunrise from our window – the sun rises beautifully over the Lang Tang valley to which the Fort resort looks out. After a refreshing cup of tea, we went on a walk around Nagarkot, which is a beautiful hill-town. It used to once occupy a strategic economic position as a tax collection point for trade in the valley, but now is more famous for its fabulous views of the sunset and sunrise. The walk was wonderful and the air was chilly, until the sun rose up. At this time, there were hardly any tourists in the town, but we were told that it is almost bustling in November. So it seems we found the right time to be there 🙂

I loved both dearly – Fort the resort and Fort the city (Nagar-kot literally means City-Fort).


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