It is almost a week since I have been living in this city. It is a pretty city, and it helps that I am living in the downtown, in a nice hotel-apartment on 30th floor where I can look down at the city glittering in its lights. There are a few libraries, theaters and performing arts centers around, which I have yet to explore. Sometimes, especially when you are alone, there are wide swings between extreme determination to get out of doors and a complete laziness to even move an inch. I think I am more in the latter stage, and I hope to move out of it soon. May be the International Film Festival beginning on 31st will help.

To stay alone in a new city is an experience – a feeling of isolation and longing interspersed with an excitement of independence. I don’t know if I love it, but it is definitely worth going through once in a while. If only I did not have someone to miss at home 😦

A few notes:
Loved the food at Wagamama’s
The Point at Southbank is a lovely place for dinner
The Coro hotel has loos with transparent doors, which are very intimidating. They fog up once you lock them, but I was never sure if the fog worked right!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantanu says:

    I always enjoy the first few months. While lonesome, it’s also exciting since you are discovering something new every day. After that, the novelty begins to wear off and the first signs of homesickness begins to gnaw. Have fun!

  2. Madhuri says:

    Yes, in that I am lucky – 3 months is just long enough to keep oneself occupied.

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