This weekend, I took off on a couple of walking trails in the Lamington National Park, off the Pacific Ocean shores only about 50 km west from the Gold Coast. The National park is sprawled over a huge area, mostly over the remains of the Mount Warning volcano. I went to the Green Mountains section, which houses the famous Oreilly’s rainforest guest house. I took the touristy tree-top walk, which was mostly a disappointment, but followed that with bushwalking to the Python lookout and to the Moran’s Falls. The views were excellent from the lookout and from the Rainforest cafe at Oreilly’s, but the walk was unusually calming. After a long time, I walked without music in my ear as the sounds of the rainforests intrigued my senses.

There is something mysterious about rainforests. As you enter them, even though the sky is visible, the sunlight simply vanishes. It feels like something will fall on the  land – either the rain or the night. The silence is not bothersome but peaceful, unless you get close to cliffs, which suddenly lend an eerie disturbance to the silence.

I wish I could go on some of the longer trails. But I am not yet up to doing them alone, need to pick up a little more courage.


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