The city of Jaipur

My trip to Jaipur did not turn out as expected, even though I managed to have a good time. I guess it is hard to get around if what you have gone for is a wedding.

I did manage to go crazy on the food – esp hot kachoris in the morning served with Jalebi, dal pakodis to go with the evening chai, aloo tikki with chhole. The food was quite phenomenal, even though I still missed the panipuri at Link Road.

I went around the old city, which was as colorful as I remembered it to be. Also went to Kanak Vrindavan, which has remained my favorite place in the city ever since I went there the first time. The old Govinddev temple is beautiful, and the view of the Jalmahal from the jharokhas of the temple is more pristine than one from the road.

A couple of snippets, to keep the memory alive. It is a place frozen in time, and it amazes me how it remains exactly the same every time I visit it – despite the new buildings and the malls, everything is just as small-town as the place I grew up in.

My favorite closed doors

Glimpse of the JalMahalA glimpse of the Jal Mahal from a distance


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sandeep says:

    hello mam
    sandeep here , have u ever come to kolkata?

  2. Madhuri says:

    Yes, I have been there a few times. Unfortunately, I could not find much to like in the city. But in all fairness, I never got out of the business district.

  3. sandeep says:

    well since you are a bookworm ,whenever u visit the city u can go to college street.🙂

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