Melbourne Beckons

Another trip to Australia – this time I am going to Melbourne for three months. I really loved the city when I went there for a weekend trip. It has an enchanting crisp feel.
I am also very excited about traveling to the Great Ocean Road – I hope I can do a driving trip around the area and spend some time with the 12 apostles and the London Arch. I hope I will be able to post some beautiful shots of both soon, especially since I am also getting my new zoom lens before the trip.
Like last time, I am still thinking about Alice Springs and Uluru, but let’s see what time permits.


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  1. I have always dreamed about visiting the land down under and hitting uluru, kakadu and the great barrier reef. Glad australians appreciate what they have.

  2. Madhuri says:

    Yes, the land down under is charming and there is a lot to visit. However, the vast distances pose a lot of logistical challenges. The Australian national forests are beautiful. And after watching the movie Australia, I feel like going to Kakadu as well, particularly Billabong.

  3. The Post Certainly Reminded me of my holiday in melbourne

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