Travel Wishlist

Every time I begin to plan a vacation, I stumble with the choice of destinations. L would be closed down for winters, I will have too much crowd, need three months to plan for P (will that ever happen?), need 3 weeks to go to A, it will be too hot in E…You get the picture, it is always too hard to decide. In the end, overwhelmed by the choice and hassles, I pick up something that has just flashed before my eyes – a newspaper article, a Make my trip advertisement or a friend’s recent trip.
I should come up with a list of my to-visit places, which I can keep ready along with the information on admin requirements for each, to sail along smoothly.
So what are some of the best places you have visited which I should consider for this list?
Here’s what I already have in mind:
1. Patagonia
2. Ladhakh
3. Tibet
4. Angkorwat (which hopefully I will see in a month)
5. Hampi
6. Andaman
7. Laya Gassa trek in Bhutan
8. Arunachal Pradesh


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