Glimpses around Melbourne

Melbourne is my favorite city in Australia. Thus this time (another worktrip) I was a little disappointed to not be able to spend time in the city. I was instead stuck in a silly suburb called dandenong – and the only thing going for this suburb is that I visited the Dandenong Ranges National park, and did a short trail in the Sherbrooke forest. The park, like most Australian National Parks was green and serene. It is soothing and refreshing to walk in such an open space, especially since the weather was lovely. I just wish I could do a couple of more trails, but it it difficult to get everything.

I also visited another beautiful beach which I had not been to before – Brighton. And this one is especially lovely thanks to the row of colorful bath houses on the shore. I also happened to be there at a time when the sun rays spread out beautifully on the ocean
through a window from the clouds.




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  1. Amazing bath houses! What a find.

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