Bits from Kuala Lumpur

On the Easter weekend, I made a quick trip to KL. I didn’t think much of the city – it is chaotic and I had a couple of brushes with local miscreants which left a bad taste in the mouth. Yet, I was glad to see the Petronas Twin Towers which are an architectural marvel.

On another note, this was my first trip to an Islamic state, though Malaysia protects the freedom of religion which is easy to perceive on its street. The head scarves were everywhere, but so were many head-scarved women catching up with girl-friends over coffee or a smoke, or driving their cars. I saw more than a couple of families with one man and 2-3 women and many children, which intrigued me – somehow I always believed the many wives to be kept away from each other like a king separates his wives.  And here they were, shopping together, even consulting each other. In one of the mosques, I saw women enter too. I couldn’t see if they were going into the main dome, but they were sitting in they courtyard.

I had planned to visit the blue mosque, the architecture seems interesting – however I left it for too late and suddenly it was time to go. I only visited the parts I could reach on foot from the golden triangle, which did not leave much.

Here are a few snapshots:

Twin towers: They are of course beautiful in the night, and during the day – it is a pretty building, and deserves the place of pride in the city

Masjid As Syakirin: Also known as the KLCC Mosque, this is quite close to the Petronas, and like the towers is lit up blindingly during the night. During the day however, I quite liked the dome, and the archway structure.

The city-scape, which seems like a concrete jungle looks a little devoid of a waterfront to play against, and as a result looks a little cold. During the evenings, the city lights leave no space for the sky or the stars

Also made a quick trip to the Chinatown, and it is essentially a street to find fakes of the big brands: you can find bags, gogles, shoes, T-shirts, all from Gucci, LV, Prada and much more. There is some interesting street food to be seen – Steamboats, Satay sticks, claypots.


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