Everything that is New

Hiking a glacier

I travel to see new places, but am very happy to find sameness in far distances – the golden sunsets, the calm and turbulent waters, the quiet solitude, the multitude of Colours. Sometimes I wonder if my travel photographs appear to be a repetition of the same place to the viewer.

But I like to try out something new each time – not because I want to tick a list of things I ‘should’ be doing, but because being in a new place somehow allows me to be different. I feel like I can reinvent myself in a foreign country where no one knows me.

Below is a list of all the new things I tried in my recent travels to Chile and Argentina. I loved most of these (except may be quail!)

  • Visit a new continent (Yay!)
  • Trek in high altitude
  • Breathing from an oxygen tank (what a high!)
  • See llamas, guanacos, condors, an armadillo and a puma!
  • Ride a horse
  • Trek on a glacier
  • See an ice field (and a bloody Long one too)
  • Roll down sand dunes
  • New food – Chilean/Argentinian/Guatamelan/Colombian. Tried quail. Became a big fan of Merken.
  • See a tango performance

I would love to spend more time in Patagonia, but it is hard to match the delight of meeting a place the first time.



  1. What a trip that sounds to have been.. so many new things conquered/ticked off. That’s what I love about travel!! Your glacier picture is stunning, there’s something so inviting about it

  2. Thank you for visiting the post and leaving a comment. I agree with you – experiences are indeed what make travel so exciting. Hello to a fellow traveler 🙂

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